What People Are Saying

“The real power of the collaboration as a service model proposed by Havrilla and Schwemmer is that it enables companies to think about their enterprise architectures with an entirely new paradigm – one that is much better aligned to meet the ultimate needs of their employees and their customers.”

–John S. Jolly, Vice President / General Manager Cyber Systems Division, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

“We are witnessing a transformation of collaboration real-time and there’s no better reading of factual content than what Schwemmer and Havrilla have compiled in this manuscript. Having spent time as a CIO at three different government agencies, I recommend this as required reading for those serious about collaboration.”
—Barry C. West, Executive Vice President, SE Solutions, Inc.; Former CIO, US Department of Commerce

“Data security, employee efficiency, and company growth and sustainability are critical concepts for any business. Dynamic Collaboration will help companies use collaboration tools intelligently to ensure all three happen at the highest level. This book is one indispensable tool.”
—Dave Conord, Regional Growth Director, Keller Williams Realty-Greater PA Region

“For those just beginning their collaboration journey to seasoned experts, this is a go-to manual with sound principles for transforming your organization into a team that collaborates, shares, and most importantly, delivers results.”
—Myron Stevenson, Collaboration Consultant, Department of Defense

“Collaboration solutions are important tools for any enterprise, whether a commercial or government entity, and for all levels of an organization from the sales staff to the development staff. This book provides the knowledge needed to acquire and deploy the best solution for the unique requirements of your organization.”
—Chris Tengwall, Chief Executive Officer, LRW Technologies, Inc.

“This book takes you on a journey from social networking to collaboration to knowledge management. Applying the stepwise approaches to implementation, you should be able to realize the benefits of collaboration with security.
—Mark Tanner, Vice President Digital Forensics, Indus Corporation, and former director, Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force, Counterterrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Ray and Rick have a done a good job of making something complicated easy to understand and revealing the need for action. Collaboration at all levels of government and industry is essential to success in these days of rapid and sometimes chaotic communications. The authors should make believers of all readers.”
—Len Moodispaw, Chairman and CEO, KEYW Corporation

“All those interested in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization should read this book. Collaboration is not a nice-to-have capability; it is a prerequisite for success whether in the corporate or government world, and doing it right is not straightforward—one tool will not suffice. Ray and Rick have taken this complex information technology issue and explained it in clear and direct language, making the book an easy read for anyone, including the non-IT expert. Most importantly, they provide a road map on how to integrate successfully, and securely, collaboration technology in a manner that makes using it ‘second-nature’ to everyone in the organization.”
—Larry C. Kindsvater, President and CEO, Kindsvater Consulting, and former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management, Central Intelligence Agency

“Dynamic Collaboration succinctly communicates one of the biggest challenges technology leaders face today: the dynamic ability to share information. This is essential reading for all who want to take action on effectively breaking down the silos across their enterprise.”
—Sam Ceccola, Senior Director of Technology, Blackstone Technology Group

“The authors use their vast experience and lessons learned in implementing collaborative solutions to educate the reader on the potential pitfalls and reasons why collaboration implementations often fail. They use a good mix of layman’s terms and technical terminology to make their case, which makes the book readable and understandable by all. They offer excellent suggestions on how to get buy-in from your employees and how the employees will be the ones who actually persuade each other to collaborate. The book is thoughtful and innovative and gets straight to the point without offending those who have tried but failed in the past to bring collaboration into their organization. A must-read for all IT professionals and implementers.”
—Edward E. Grimes Jr., Senior Vice President, CACI International, Inc.

“As a leader in a lean medium-sized global manufacturing company, I see the immediate need for collaboration to improve both the efficiency of our resources and the quality of our products. Just like most organizations, we are producing mountains of information that could be used for our benefit, but this information is not easily accessible, reviewed, and filtered because traditional methods are too difficult and time consuming. This text clearly defines a solution that minimizes the impact to the user by retaining the applications we already use, and it provides intelligence on data mining to minimize information overload and does it in a secure manner to protect our intellectual property.”
—Frank J. Gall, Chief Technical Officer, Carclo Technical Plastics

“The authors argue for a new point of view on collaboration and then, using their extensive implementation experience, proceed to chart a path through the pitfalls that large organizations face in making the transition to a new, collaborative way of doing business. You’ll immediately recognize your organization in this book’s case studies and benefit tremendously from the authors’ on-target, philosophical viewpoint and solid, practical implementation advice.”
—Dr. Nemo Lionikis, Technical Director, Technology Directorate, National Security Agency (retired)

“Today’s successful leaders understand the vital role that collaboration plays in the success of their mission and business. In this short book, Havrilla and Schwemmer provide a rational, common sense approach to addressing the services that people NEED to collaborate, but more importantly, how those services should be delivered so that people WILL collaborate. This book is required reading for any corporate or government officer contemplating investment in collaboration technology.”
Fran Landolf, founder, Core Consulting; senior executive, National Security Agency; and coauthor of Noble Intent

“There is no doubt in business as well as government that synergy in all dimensions will make for a stronger and more effective organization. This book speaks to both the management team that must embrace and foster collaboration and the IT team that will be called upon to institutionalize the process and create the mechanisms. The authors have been able to meld both the technology, without diverting to techno speak, and management principles to bring forth a capability that will benefit anyone who reads it. Looking at the prism through their eyes will bring different perspectives and shine brighter light on the collaboration challenge.”
Jim Barnett, Former Member of Congressional Staff, Cybersecurity Consultant

“Listen to any public or private remarks by government and business leaders and you will hear the word collaboration. In a highly technical and complex world, almost any problem solving solution requires collaboration. In Dynamic Collaboration, Ray and Rick have taken a parallel approach from the human capital and technical view on addressing the collaboration process. This book is a must read for implementing a successful collaboration environment in a modern enterprise. ”
Alan Kraft, CACI CyberSecurity, Business Development