Ray Schwemmer

Ray Schwemmer formal RAY SCHWEMMER is the president, CEO, and co-founder of CollabraSpace, a software company that has focused on secure collaboration solutions for industry and government customers since 1998. During this time he has helped customers develop solutions to integrate people, data, and processes within a single, seamless collaborative environment to enhance organizational performance. He has also worked with numerous organizations to devise strategies to increase employee participation in collaborative technologies.

Prior to starting CollabraSpace, Ray spent ten years working for various IT companies designing and building large-scale distributed systems for both commercial and government clients. Ray resides with his wife, Denise, and his daughters, Kelly and Kaitlin, in Annapolis, Maryland. He can be reached at ray.schwemmer@collabraspace.com.

If you would like to learn to more about Ray and CollabraSpace,
visit www.collabraspace.com.