Media Updates

2/27/2012 – Dynamic Collaboration is now available for the Barnes&Noble Nook! Buy the Nook edition now!

1/27/2012 – Listen to Ray and Rick describe how to tap into the power of social networking to better facilitate communication in the workplace on BlogTalkRadio. To hear their whole discussion with Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World click here!

1/26/2012 – Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World reviewed Dynamic Collaboration and highly recommends it to “any business leaders who are seeking an improved communication and collaboration system within their organization.” To read his entire review, click here!

12/9/2011 – Stephen F. DeAngelis of Enterra Insights, a blog that discuss issues about the effects of globalization on business and government, reviewed Dynamic Collaboration and wrote that “anyone contemplating implementing an organization-wide collaboration tool would do well to invest the money and spend the time reading this book.” Read the full review here!

12/ 7/ 2011 – Marisa Peacock for CMSWire reviewed Dynamic Collaboration and suggests that “leaders will be inspired to bring collaboration to the people” after reading what Ray and Rick have to say about enterprise collaboration. Read the full review here!

11/1/2011 – Dynamic Collaboration is now available for the Amazon Kindle! Buy the Kindle edition now!

10/26/2011 – HRM Today posted an article in which Ray and Rick ask a set of questions that can help an organization identify the enterprise tools with collaboration capabilities that are best suited for the organization’s needs. Read Delivering an Enterprise Collaboration Solution: Seven Questions to Ask here!

10/19/2011 – Ray talked with Zane Safrit on his weekly radio talk show where the topics range from small business to innovation to social media. List to Ray and Zane discuss Dyanmic Collaboration and other topics here!

10/5/2011 – Ray and Rick participated in a podcast with the American Management Association where they discussed fostering a collaborative environment and promoting  teamwork through technology. Listen to the full podcast here!

9/12/2011 – Ray and Rick recently sat down with Chief Learning Officer magazine to talk about using technology to create a knowledge-sharing culture. Ray and Rick point out that the key to achieving collaboration in the corporate environment is to place knowledge-sharing technologies at employees’ fingertips to generate mass involvement. Read the entire article here!