Collaboration Companies Launching IPOs

This past year has seen several IPOs from companies offering collaboration and social networking solutions.  Early last year, LinkedIn went public with an initial value of nearly $9B at the end of its first day of trading.  Last month Jive software, a maker of collaborative software solutions for business, went public with an IPO that that valued them at nearly $900M.  And this week, everyone is anticipating the upcoming Facebook IPO with valuations estimated as high as $100B.

Numerous companies have launched an IPO with great fanfare only to drop drastically weeks or months later. LinkedIn is down about 15% from its first day of trading, while Jive is slightly down.  Some are already asking “Will Facebook be the next Yahoo”.

One thing is certain, the increased interest by investors shows that there is a growing interest in collaboration and social networking technologies in both the consumer as well as the commercial spaces.  What is your organization doing to take advantage of these new technologies?

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